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K9s United Florida License Plate (Pre-Sale) - K9s United

K9s United Florida License Plate (Pre-Sale)

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K9s United is thrilled to announce our new Florida License Plate!

Please read the following process to understand exactly how this works:

  1. The license plate is not officially for sale yet - K9s United must sell 3,000 plates BEFORE production begins. That means it may take a while for you to get your new plate.

  2. When you order the plate, you will NOT be mailed the License Plate.

  3. Instead, the DMV will send you a VOUCHER to take into the DMV to get your plate in person once the plate is available.

  4. Mailing dates are variable and you WILL NOT be emailed a tracking code for the voucher. Since the mailing of the vouchers is out of our hands, we apologize that we cannot accommodate updates of any kind regarding shipping.

  5. Because we require specific information from you including your Driver License #, orders will be limited to ONE PLATE PER ORDER and you must be ordering for yourself only.

  6. Only Florida residents with an active Florida Driver License may purchase this plate.

  7. The plate is available at the DMV to pre-order for $33.00. We charge an extra $1 to cover online processing fees.

Click here to read more FAQs.

Thank you for your support of K9s United!