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K9s United Florida License Plate (Pre-Sale) - K9s United

K9s United Florida License Plate (Pre-Sale)

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K9s United is thrilled to announce our new Florida License Plate!

Please read the following process to understand exactly how this works:

  1. What information do I need to purchase a voucher?  You just need your Florida driver’s license and a vehicle registered in your name, as owner or co-owner. 

  2. My tag does not renew until a later date, can I get a tag before my renewal is up?  Yes!   You may order a voucher now and when the tag is available you will be notified. You will have to pay an additional $28 at the tag agency when picking up your tag, due to early renewal. Then, when your actual renewal comes around, you will pay your usual renewal fee and the renewal for the specialty tag. You may oprder When you order the plate, you will NOT be mailed the License Plate.

  3. Does all of my $33 fee go to K9s United?  Most of it does! $25 goes directly to K9s United, $5 goes toward the state processing fee, and $3 for the branch fee. We appreciate your support. 

  4. What if you do not reach the 3,000 sales threshhold?  We need you to help us spread the word so we can reach 3,000. But, if we do not reach our goal, you can either use the voucher for another specialty plate or get a full refund. 

  5. Can I order more than 1 tag?  Absolutely! You just have to order each tag individually, and the tag must be ordered with the driver’s license that’s registered to the tag. 

  6. Will I be mailed my license plate?  Because we are in the preorder phase, you will receive a voucher from the state for the license plate and will be notified when it’s ready for in-person pickup at your local tag agency. 

  7. The plate is available at the DMV to pre-order for $33.00. We charge an extra $1 to cover online processing fees.

Click here to read more FAQs.

Thank you for your support of K9s United!